Puss Bank School Pupils Say ‘Send My Friend to School!’

When pupils from Puss Bank School Council visited Parliament they used the visit as an opportunity to ask David Rutley MP to ‘send my friend to school.’

The request follows the pupils’ project on human rights.  Year 3/4 focused on the right to education and used the Send My Friend to School campaign to find out more about the role education plays in children’s lives across the world.

Puss Bank School is one of 4,660 schools taking part in the campaign to get all children an education.  The pupils have made a book highlighting the issue, which the Macclesfield MP has promised to pass to the Secretary of State for International Development.  In the book, Liam Belford explains that 60,000,000 children are out of school across the world, while Amy Williams writes that 1.7million more teachers are needed to get these children to school.  The campaign clearly struck a chord with the Puss Bank pupils, who also brought along their own ideal teacher cut outs to show David. 

David said, “I was really impressed by how much effort the Puss Bank pupils had put into the Send My Friend to School campaign.  It is clear that they really care about this issue and have done an excellent job in highlighting its importance.  I will be passing their work on to the Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening MP, so that she is aware of this important campaign.”