Satellites Making a Splash!

Macclesfield MP David Rutley was delighted to give his full support to the Satellites of Macclesfield Swimming Club’s annual open meeting.

Satellites is based in Macclesfield, but takes swimmers from a number of local towns, including Congleton, Leek and Biddulph. David, an enthusiastic supporter of the club’s activities, was delighted to be invited to the meeting and witness the progress the swimmers are making.  It was an exciting weekend with over 2,500 swims, many personal bests broken and regional times put on the board.

Head Coach, Lisa Atkinson, said, “Well done to all involved; especially those taking things like turns and underwater work on board as your commitment is clearly paying off.  A special mention must go to Joe Heginbotham, who gained regional times in almost every event, and Katie Bennett who swam three events in a row to become top girl.”

David said, “It is great to see the commitment and hard work of everyone at Satellites paying off.  It was very exciting to watch the events and I am pleased that so many swimmers were able to gain regional times.  I hope that the Club will continue to build on its successes in the months ahead.”